Sunday, 8 January 2012

Shopping and other horrors

Last night we watched the film "Bram Stoker's Dracula". I haven't seen the film since we first bought the DVD which is, in all probability, ten or twelve years ago. I liked the film but I couldn;t help wondering how it differs from the book. It claims, after all, to be very true to the original. I'm embarrassed to say that it is a book that I have never read.

Today I had to venture forth to that temple of consumerism, the Trafford Centre. Er go a visit to Waterstones was deemed to be in order. Therein I found a rather nice leather bound edtion of Bram Stoker's Dracula for fifteen quid. Sold! So I am in the process of finding out how accurate the film is to the book that bears its name. Time will, no doubt, tell.

Parker seem to have a new kind of fountain pen on the market. I had a brief look in Selfridges, today, but I didn't have time to have a proper nosey as we were supposed to be looking for a burr coffee grinder. They seem to be in short suplly in the shops. Everywhere had the nasty little blades that chop the coffee up but we only managed to find one shop with a burr grinder and even they only had one model. Well done to John Lewis I suppose I sould say. I can't help thinking that internet shopping is so much easier. The other plus to internet shopping is that temptation to buy on impulse is, to some extent, removed as there are no dazzling displays of the laterst "must have" products to draw you in.

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