Friday, 27 January 2012

I can't do mail art, unless this counts?

Mail art seems to be de rigeur at the moment. I, however, am inept in the extreme when it comes to any kind of drawing. My artistic ability, if I have any, is in music and photography. However I then saw on Troy's blog that people are making their own envelopes. Well here goes then. I found an old out of date OS map of the area around where I grew up and with a pencil and some scissors, hey presto we have an envelope. Unfortunately the map is upside down on the envelope, but it is early days at the moment. I guess I can always write the address etc upside down for the envelope so that the map is the right way round. If I were on the receiving end I would be glad to receive the letter and not worry too much about the map being upside down. I have plenty more of the map left to make a few more, so onwards and upwards as they say.

Did you know that the United Nations print their own stamps? Neither did I until I received some through the post today from Misty aka pen thief. They are simply wonderful and will add to my steadily growing stamp collection. I'll put some pics up another time.

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