Sunday, 22 January 2012

Googling does not constitute research.

I was going to say that I have been researching, but Robert Landon said that Googling is not research. Er go I have been Googling for some information about the beautiful and historic port of Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast of England. I though that I knew a bit about the town but I have turned up some interesting new factoids ( too much Steve Wright in the afternoon?). The reason for my googling is because Whitby is going to have a couple of American visitors this spring. One of them is quite a Bram Stoker fan. It turns out that Mr. Stoker was in Whitby slap bang in the middle of the time that my own personal Whitby hero was active there. Frank Meadow Sutcliffe was a very famous Victorian photographer who documented the town through his photographs. So it's a great way to see how Whitby must have looked at the time of Stoker's visit. I'm so hooked on this one now:)
Unfortunately Postman pat has not been a busy boy today. I received no interesting letters. In fact I havent received an interesting letter since 16 January. Maybe I'm getting withdrawal symptoms. Letters seem to arrive in batches and then I have a flurry of activity responding to them all. It really is a shame that Postman pat can't spread them out nice and evenly. C'est la vie. Then there is the question of those correspondents who simply cease to write. What is the etiquette here? Is it correct to write again in case the first letter was lost in the post, or is it better to assume that the other person wishes to end the correspondence? I'd hate to think that other people have not received letters from me and assumed that I wished to end the correspondence. It really is a quintessential dichotomy and that's not easy to put when you;re as bad at typing as I am.

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  1. But, if you use something like Google Scholar, it can be research. And, I owe you a letter...