Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

I have long been contemplating the purchase of an e-reader. I like books. My wife says I have too many books. I tried reasoning with her by saying that she has too many pairs of shoes, too many handbags, too many bottles of nail varnish etc etc. All of which was to no avail. I even had to ship a couple of boxes of paperbacks off to the local charity shop. So an e-reader seems to be the logical way to go. I have been doing some research and Kindle seems to be the best brand to go for. So I guess that's on my shopping list for 2012.

Second up I'm being forced to swap my old car. I really, really don;t relish the idea of getting rid. But she who must be obeyed says that that's the way that 2012 is going to be. So that cancels out our planned trip to Paris in the spring:( C'est la vie, I guess.

Call me Dave has coughed up some more "government" money for the olympics apparently. Lord COe was on the telly this morning saying how wonderful it was. I wonder just how much "government" money has been sunk into it already. I bet the NHS would be able to make excellent use of the money. They could probably do a lot of hip replacements ad heart surgery etc etc with the kinda money that's gone into building a running track and inviting a load of foreign dignitaries to come over. Actually we were discussing call me Dave at a New Year party last night. If Blackadder was still being written they could have an excellent character called "Dave the Bastard". If the writers are reading this they can have the idea for free.

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  1. The Kindle Fire, I believe, has the ability to act like a computer. I'm not sure if it has the electronic ink like the simple Kindles. I have the Kindle reader on my ipod, as well as the nook reader. My preferred is a simple e-reader program that allows me to read books from