Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Yesterday I swapped my old car. I have blogged about the change before but I'm really feeling kinda screwed up about it. The new car is very nice and its comfortable and shiny and cheaper to run and, and, and ... but I can't help feeling a sense of loss for the old car. It had become a part of the family in the twelve years that we had it. I'm not the sentimental type who gives cars names pr calls it "she", but there's over a quarter of my life that I've spent with that car and we've had a fair few adventures in it. We've been all over the UK and to various part of Europe in it. Well I guess that as one chapter ends another one begins. We're Peugeot people now, so I had better get used to it. Chin up :)

I don't know which I most dislike, shaving or having a beard. I've been letting it grow for a while now and I'm not keen on the feel of it. most people who have commented about it have been positive, but I'm not convinced. I think it's nearing the time when it is going to disappear again. At least until the next time.

Smythson of Old Bond Street are famous for their leather and stationery. This week I received the A5 Lippiat folder that I ordered in their sale. I can see the logic of the spiral bound notebook as it allows the left hand page to lie flat. I had thought that a casebound book would be better, but I was mistaken. The folder has places to keep my BlackBerry and business cards as well as notevards, envelopes and the like. The pen loop is pretty pointless though in my opinion. As with all Smythson's goods it arrived in a Nile blue, tissue lined box tied up with ribbon and is extremely well presented. You can hear the quality oozing out of the pores of the leather. Maybe a picture or two later in the week.

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  1. The only thing I can comment on is the shaving! Avoid it at all costs. I have only had a completely bare face for less than 30 days in the last 30 years. Shaving is a barbaric habit! I can't face a razor in the morning. Go for the full beard. It was good in the Bible, so it ought to be good now!