Friday, 6 January 2012

Astonishing statistics

I was absolutely astonished to read on another blog that someone actually send up to 147 items of personal, handwritten mail per month and receives a similar amount of post. Poor old Postman Pat must be earning his corn at that house! The blogger then goes on to say that she records her mail exchanges in a notebook. Each notebook last approximately four months before it is full. I dread to think about the cost of such an undertaking in terms of stationery, ink and stamps. I though that I was going some at a total of between fifteen and twenty items per month (that's an estimate, I don't keep statistics). As our American cousins might say, go figure.

Wednesday night was back to the grindstone for Sik Brass. JC led us through a mix of "stamina building" (Jim's words, not mine) pieces including the wonderful "Suite Gothique" before, eventually, landing on the test piece, "Mountain Views", for this years "area" contest to be held in the once glorious Winter Gardens in Blackpool next month. We eventually staggered over to the Davvy for a lime and soda water to recover before the journey home. Fortunately I was in the V70 because I didn't have the energy left to change gear in the Focus.

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