Saturday, 17 November 2012

In sickness and in health

Well I've been having a fun time of late. It started (in July) because I felt like  I needed to pee all the time. So I went to the doctor. After many questions, blood tests and the like I have a raised PSA. That, apparently, means that there's something wrong with my prostate. So I get sent off to see a urologist. She does various things to me included urine tests and a digital rectal examination. Yep, that's how much fun I been having. I saw her again and she said I still have a raised PSA so it's biopsy time. That was Tuesday. Definitely not the most fun I ever had with two women and no trousers, but that's the way it goes. I'm now awaiting results.
Among all this activity it turns out that I have glucose in my urine. So more tests for diabetes this time. The HbA1C (or some other random collection of letters and numbers) says I'm not diabetic but the glucose tolerance test says I have impaired glucose tolerance - that means I'm nearly diabetic. I also have all the risk factors - immediate family member with diabetes, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and high blood pressure. So I have to lose 4 stones in weight. That's 56 pounds. Since early October I have managed to shed about twelve and a half pounds, so I'm getting there. Hopefully the weight loss will help my hypertension.
So I have been quite down at times, and gotten around to considering my own mortality. I've hand picked all the players for the band at my funeral. How dark can life be? Well I guess that from such a perspective any news has got to be good news. If not the rep. player is going to be pretty damned fantastic in church - shame i won;t be able to hear him.
"...for now we see in a glass, darkly..."