Tuesday, 3 January 2012

End of an era

It would appear that more than twenty years of uninterupted Volvo ownership is about to come to an end thanks to my dear lady wife and the French. Now I have always liked France and the French. Not just John, but all French people. A lot of British folk have a dislike for the French which I have always found to be totally unjustified. I have always been made to feel welcome when I have visited France. An ability to speak even a little bit of their language combined with the knack of poking fun at yourself for trying to speak French has always seemed to work for me. So what have the French done? They have persuaded said good lady wife to buy a French car. Well if I'm brutally honest maybe it is time to swap my twelve year old Volvo. But it's like losing a part of the family now. Ah well, lets hope the new car lasts as long as the old one.

I have decided against the Kindle. A number of folk said get an i-pad, but that puts things into a different cost bracket. Whilst mulling it over I have been reading on the Kindle software that I downloaded to my PC. It really isn't for me I don't think so I'm going to give it a miss. Gadgetry is not really my thing. I bought an ipod and used it regularly for at least a week before I lost interest. Nowadays, of course, I have it connected in the Focus at work and use it that way but otherwise it would have been another waste of money. SO no Kindle and keep the cash towards something more exciting. Maybe make a trip in the new car to Smythson's perhaps......

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