Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing Day. Looking foward to next year.

I have, on occassion, sat down and written my goals. They may be goals for today, this week, the next year or, even, the rest of my life. I guess that my life goals have been rather short sited because the last time I did it I achieved the majority within the year. So maybe goal setting does work, I just need to work on the timescales. So this brings me to think about m goals for 2012.

I have already made a pact with a friend overseas that we are both going to read the entire Bible in the year. We have agreed to exchange brief daily e-mails about what we have read and learned each day. That is a huge commitment but with each other as moral support and more than a little divine help it's achievable.

Another friend has, in 2011, carried out a photo a day project. Again that's something that I would like to do in 2012. Another tall order, I know, but I know that I need to spend more time with a camera anyway, so this seems like a good way of going about it. Wish me luck because I know that I'm going to need it.

Today's picture is the Tennyson statue at Lincoln cathedral. This should inspire me. the cathedral itself is a beautiful building and took a great deal of tenacity over many years to build, especially when bits of it kept falling down etc etc. Tennyson, of course, was one of our nation's greatest poets and, like me, he was from the great county of Lincolnshire.

Hapy Boxing day, folks.

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