Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Blog neglect continues unabashed

Well I haven't been a very good blogger again recently. In my defence I was busy over te jubilee weekend with Silk Brass taking part in the annual Whit Friday contests in the Saddleworth and Oldham areas. We only managed to get six done this year due to someone turning up late for the coach and all the associated congestion that all the band busses cause. Big brother's band managed eight and the also took the area title with six firsts, a third and a fifth place. I guess that was always going to happen. At least we got best band on the march at Diggle and so we beat them even though it was only in a very small way.

Today postman pat brought more blue boxes from Smythson. Nile blue writing paper this time. I think the jury is still out on that one. See what other people think in due course I guess. It's all about the paper / ink combo. Maybe it will look good with Noodler's Black Swans in Australian Roses. Time, as they say, will tell. I might post some pics later.

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