Friday, 3 February 2012

So far, so good.

But it's only day three of the month of letters challenge. I have been fortunate to receive a letter each day this month, so it means that I have a letter to write in reply. I am concerned that this project might become a little forced if I try to write letters that I wouldn't ordinarily write. By the same token it will, I hope be an opportunity to write those letters that I always wanted to write but never did. We'll see if I actually get around to them before the month is out. For more information about the month of letters challenge the website is .
It looks like winter has arrived in Britain this week. I went out this morning and it was minus 5 celcius at 08:00. I'm glad I didn't have an early start :) Snow is forecast for tomorrow, I believe, so I might get some enforced time off work. C'est la vie. Thankfully the Focus has an electrically heated front windscreen so I didn't need to scrape any ice off it.
Rehearsals are intensifying for the forthcoming North West Regional contest at the end of the month. The test piece is "Mountain Views" which is best described as quite nice. I don;t think that it will stay long in the memory once we get on the coach back from Blackpool. That's going to be a long day. Why do we go contesting? We put hours of rehearsal time in to give one performance lasting just a few minuted to a guy in a box. We sit around all day killing time between rehearsing, performing and hearing the results. I guess there will be five bands who consider it worthwhile despite all the hanging around. The question is will the mighty Fodens maintain the run of success? To be honest I can't see anybody in the north west that is in the same class. Things might be different if they were in Yorkshire, however.........

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